Moving You Forward

Feeling stuck? You know how frustrating it is when you can’t realize your dreams?  Maybe you don’t know what your dreams are, to begin with.  The vision board you made after reading that best-selling book is collecting dust and your life is at a standstill.

You can’t move forward. 

 I hear you,  I’ve been there too. That’s why I created Artistic Destiny. 

Artistic Destiny is a site dedicated to helping you get “unstuck” and create a healthy mindset so that you can achieve lasting happiness, success and finally move forward to become the person you’re destined to be.  This is about getting to know yourself so that you can make meaningful changes tailored to your own personal brand of success. 


Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.




Principles of Change


There will be times when you will feel irritated, unable to find the answer right away. You may become frustrated with the process of change. You will feel like giving up, stick with it. This is when the big breakthroughs happen. 
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The one thing that hinders progress in a traditional coach/client relationship is the inability to achieve trust and honesty. When you’re coaching yourself via books, classes, and sites like this one there is no excuse. Lying to yourself will not move you forward. 
When you feel stuck or unable to move forward ask yourself if you are being truly honest in your appraisal of yourself, in your feelings and what you believe? You may not know what the truth is and it may take some time for you to uncover what the real issues are.
 Be patient with yourself and understate that self-discovery takes time, persistence and a genuine desire to do it. 


Every situation has a choice and you are the only person with ultimate power over your life. Someone else can tell you what to do but you make the choice to follow their direction. You must reject the assumption that you are powerless to affect change.
There is always a choice. You have the power of choice, it gives you control and therefore the ability to change. You make the rules as long as you choose to make them. You will always have control of your destiny.  
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You may be convinced that you can’t succeed but change is available to anyone who chooses it, acts on it and takes responsibility for it. Commitment, there is no other way. When you make this realization you will be successful.


There are times we’re so close to something we can’t even see it. When you feel frustration and the answer is nowhere in sight try moving back a little bit. Change your perspective, change your focus.